Orpheus and the Urchins

Posted by jdg | 11:26 AM

I knew he was cool, I just didn't realize how cool until I saw this [via Hi Happy Panda]. Fact #1: none of them knew who he was. Fact #2: the photographer tracked down all the kids and recreated this in 2007 (sans Dylan).

One more:

For me this is kind of like that moment in PCU when the kid who's spent the entire year on the couch trying to prove the Caine-Hackman theory sees A Bridge Too Far.

Nearly all of these urchins were discovered in the photography archives of the Library of Congress (and available without copyright restrictions online). Otherwise, urchin photos will be credited to the appropriate photographer with a link to its source (unless they come from my own collection of photographs from unknown photographers). If there is ever a copyright concern, do not hesitate to contact me.