Russian Orphans, Czarist Moscow

Posted by jdg | 7:07 AM

This is from that incredible collection of tourist photographs of Russia that went viral last week. These were taken by American tourist Murray Howe in 1909, posted to flickr in 2011 by his great grandson Andrew Howe V of Atlantic Beach, Florida. These images almost have the feeling of Lewis Hine in Czarist Russia (with all the documentation of street people and child vendors) but in this case rather than backdrops of the burgeoning American capitalist juggernaut, you see the empty grandeur of Imperial Russia. Is it any wonder what happened eight years later?

Nearly all of these urchins were discovered in the photography archives of the Library of Congress (and available without copyright restrictions online). Otherwise, urchin photos will be credited to the appropriate photographer with a link to its source (unless they come from my own collection of photographs from unknown photographers). If there is ever a copyright concern, do not hesitate to contact me.